Nez x GDR O3 – The great variety of animal noses

We humans are not the only ones to have an olfactory culture: this sense is essential for many other living creatures! Let’s talk about animal noses with Gérard Brand, a member of the GDR O3.

Marcel Proust: Of chamber pots and vessels of perfume

In his saga, the asthmatic writer portrays a hypersensitive narrator whose nose is just as fine as his palate. On the occasion of the centenary of his death this November 18, 2022, we offer you an article originally published in Nez, the Olfactory Magazine #13, which returns to the role of odors in the work of the author.

Don’t Think, Just Smell – Ron Winnegrad

The perfumer Ron Winnegrad presents, an intimate and heart-warming autobiographical account of his personal outlook on the fragrance industry and the craft behind it.

Bad Girls Perfume – Sarah Colton

Whether we know it or not, the perfume we wear affects the way people perceive us. So argues Sarah Colton, an American perfume journalist based in Paris

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