The Essence Discovering the World of Scent, Perfume & Fragrance – Collective – Gestalten

This collective work is a patchwork of know-how and facts and figures about perfumery and olfaction, conveyed in an eclectic and free-wheeling style.

The colourful, illustrated pages – sometimes almost confusingly ordered – offer an array of portraits and interviews with perfumers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Niche creations from the likes of Lyn Harris, Le Labo, D.S & Durga and others, and natural fragrances from pioneers like Mandy Aftel, feature strongly.

The book adopts an open-minded, enquiring and candid approach. Contributions cover a vast variety of topics, from ecology, the perfume of the future, the scent of violence and the Osmothèque, to rose fields in Turkey and ties between perfume and power. Interviews with experts, bloggers and specialist journalists add extra depth.

Collective work, edited by Robert Klanten, Carla Seipp and Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi. 288 pages, Gestalten, November 2019, €39.90

This review has been published in Nez, the olfactory magazine – #09 – Around the world. 
This issue is available on for North America and on the Nez Shop for other countries.


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