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Spritzing to Success – Annette Green

2018 Perfumed Plume winner is a memoir by Annette Green, former president of the Fragrance Foundation and founder of the FiFi awards. Each chapter begins with a list of “Favorite Co-Conspirators”, mostly fashion and beauty executives, with a few celebrities tossed in, and chronologically recounts her 40-year journey in fragrance marketing and PR. The overall effect is of a pleasant recitation of professional accomplishments with the goals of being comprehensive and avoiding giving offense. Spritzing to Success will be useful to people documenting the dates, places, and people in fragrance marketing history.

Given Green’s experience as an executive in the colourful fragrance world, she must have fascinating stories and insight. Yet, we never get to know Green, even whether she wears perfume herself.

Spritzing to Success, Annette Green, Dog Ear Publishing, 2018, 232 pages, $29,99

This review has been published in Nez, the olfactory magazine – #07 – The animal sense. This issue is available on for North America and on the Auparfum Ship for other countries.


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