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Perfume Legends II: French Feminine Fragrances – Michael Edwards

The first edition of Perfume Legends, published in1996, was a pearl in a barren sea of publicly available information on fragrance. Twenty-three years on, Perfume Legends II shines through the Internet smog as a paragon of insights on the defining moments in perfumery’s evolution. Eight legends have been added that synchronise with the author’s characteristically intimate and honest style, sucking the reader into absorbing story telling reminiscent of secret-swapping over a campfire.

You gain a tight grasp on the who, when, why and how of each scent, enabling anyone from enthusiast to master perfumer to gaina more acute understanding of how these land mark products impacted our sensory history.

Perfume Legends II: French Feminine Fragrances, Michael Edwards Michael Edwards & Co, Emphase, 2019, 360 pages, $145.00

Have a look at our interview with Michael Edwards.

This review has been published in Nez, the olfactory magazine – #08 – Addictive Substances. This issue is available on for North America and on the Auparfum Ship for other countries.


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