Daniel Nare, Niche Parfumerie : “Olfactory culture is mainly our raison d’être”

Launched during the last edition of Exsence, the Milanese niche creation event, in April 2023, Niche by Nez is a free magazine aimed at showcasing the richness of the selective perfumery, published once a year, in both French and English. Daniel Nare, founder of Niche Parfumerie boutique in Romania with his wife Andreea Anca Nare, is among those who have chosen to distribute Niche by Nez. He shares with us his vision of olfactory culture.

Perfumers: A team spirit

Although perfumers at IFF have long been accustomed to working together, the company went a step further by making the collaborative approach official in the early 21st century. An approach that has since been adopted by all the composition houses. Behind the scenes of a revolution.

From mouth to nose: when flavours become fragrances

Behind the evident familiarity of food notes lies a creative challenge for perfumers. Providing them with innovative ingredients so they can reach beyond a literal interpretation and come up with inventive signature compositions is one of Mane’s core missions.

Maison Lautier 1795: The rebirth of a legend

Maison Lautier is currently being renewed by Symrise and is responsible for their full natural ingredients portfolio (Madagascar, Artisan and Supernature ranges). This invites us to re-examine its legacy and continued influence on perfumery.

Quintis’ Sandalwood Reimagined competition: And the winners are…

The American Society of Perfumers and Quintis Sandalwood, a company that specializes in the sustainable production of Australian and Indian sandalwood varieties, sponsored a competition at the end of 2021. The two winners were announced at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami at the beginning of July. Interview.

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