Agnieszka Lukasik (Galilu): “Now, the brands come to us”

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Founded in Warsaw in 2005, Galilu offers a rich selection of about fifty niche perfume and cosmetic brands. Its owner, Agnieszka Lukasik, answered Nez’ questions.

Can you tell us a little about the store? 

Galilu has been on the polish market for sixteen years and since then we have established five locations and our website. We have a subjective selection of niche perfumes and skincare products.

What brings people into your store? 

The customer service, which is authentic and not just a marketing tool. Knowledge, expertise, passion for what we do and a love of the brands we sell. Within beautiful interiors it’s a “Galilu package deal”!

What are the obstacles in terms of consumers, as they are more used to mainstream creations? 

The obstacles are what drives us. We educate people and have done so with thousand of noses over the past years. We take it slow, never offensive. Give customers time. That’s why they always come back. It’s a wonderful journey for all of us.

How do you discover brands? 

That has changed over the years. In the beginning we travelled the world, went to Pitti Fragranze and Esxense. Now the brands come to us. They shower us with samples and hope to be the lucky ones who get a chance to be a part of our portfolio. 

How do you choose the brands you sell? 

We choose what we really like and believe in. It’s an authentic decision based on our own preferences. And we have a good nose to brands, I may say.

How do you define the universes of the brands you sell: do they have anything in common? 

I would have to say quality. They are all different but all very special. With amazing stories of growth, strong concepts, wonderful founders. 

What are the best sellers? 

In terms of fragrances, we could say Santal 33 from Le Labo, Portrait of a Lady from Frédéric Malle, Bois Imperiale from Essential parfums, Philosykos from Diptyque, Gypsy Water from Byredo, Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecule, Sel Marin from James Heeley and many more. In terms of brands: Diptyque, Le Labo, Frédéric Malle, Byredo are a hit.

Are there brands you carry even if they are less profitable? 

Of course. We have a variety of small, niche brands that we love. They are a distinguishing factor of our business. They are what differentiates us from other perfumeries.



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