Niche and confidences

Niche perfumery moves centre stage

As Esxence, the niche perfumery fair, prepares to open its doors in Milan from 15 to 18 June 2022, Nez caught up with a number of figures from the world of niche fragrances, in a series of interviews with perfumers, stores and brands. But, putting common misapprehensions aside, what lies behind the term that is as much overused as it is decried?

Natural perfumers

FiiLiT, a fragrant journey: a fresh new direction

The brand FiiLiT aims to popularize the intangible know-how of fine perfumery and the ecological awakening of our modern society, by educating its consumers through niche olfactory creations with clean and authentic formulations.


Silvio Levi : « Essencional aims to support the international development of Beauty and Artistic Perfumery distribution »

A true jack of all trades and hyperactive, Silvio Levi is a key figure in the so-called niche perfumery (in Italy, one might say more artistic).At the head of a perfume brand, a distribution company, and the organiser of the Esxence show in Milan, he created, before the summer, Essencional, an information website dedicated to independent perfumery.

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