Daniel Nare, Niche Parfumerie : “Olfactory culture is mainly our raison d’être”

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Launched during the last edition of Exsence, the Milanese niche creation event, in April 2023, Niche by Nez is a free magazine aimed at showcasing the richness of the selective perfumery, published once a year, in both French and English. Daniel Nare, founder of Niche Parfumerie boutique in Romania with his wife Andreea Anca Nare, is among those who have chosen to distribute Niche by Nez. He shares with us his vision of olfactory culture.

Can you tell us more about the founding and history of your store?

Our story started in 2012 with Niche Parfumerie, a small store in Timisoara, Romania, and a website. Now, we have two stores: in 2020 we opened a concept store located in Bucharest, called 50ml Artistic Fragrance Bar.  

Early 2010, niche fragrances were not that known in Romania: me and my wife, Andreea Anca Nare, spent most of our time testing and discovering brands. We were searching for innovative compositions, evaluating ingredients, meeting perfumers, learning more about the history of the industry. It was so enthralling for us that sharing this experience with other people became self-evident. 

From the beginning, our purpose was to integrate houses driven by a set of values, such as creativity, heritage, innovation, that define niche for us. We also wanted to create a journey of diversity and discovery, highlighting the best creative perfumery has to offer.

Today we have 45 complementary brands in our portfolio: historical ones such as Nicolaï, contemporary ones such as Thomas de Monaco, natural ones such as Aemium, as well as more artistic and artisanal fragrances brands like Mendittorsa. Our role is to curate them, highlighting all their specificities, by providing easy access to Romanian people and sharing their amazing stories.

Is it important for you to develop your customers’ olfactory culture?

Olfactory culture is mainly our raison d’être. It is essential for the customers first: people like to acknowledge their own tastes, they are fascinated by the ingredients, their smell, their story. But for us as well, olfactory culture is central to understanding and addressing customer questions, curating experiences, and helping them learn more about perfumery.

To develop olfactory culture on a regular basis, our team works with designers and artists to create unique olfactory experiences and workshops, highlighting rare raw materials, meeting master perfumers, or exposing the public iconic creations from the history of perfumery.

Why did you choose to distribute Niche by Nez?

Developing a keen understanding of the purpose and the people behind each brand is essential. To stay well-informed and educated in this field, it is crucial to seek information from credible sources: Niche by Nez, and Nez in general, helps us to do that.

  • You can find Niche by Nez at Niche Parfumerie’s stores:
    1. Niche Parfumerie,Timișoara Strada Alba Iulia No. 1, Romania
    2. 50ml Artistic Fragrance Bar, Calea Dorobantilor 111, Romania


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