“The human adventure”, by Jean-Claude Ellena

Our day-to-day lives are being increasingly infiltrated by what is given the catchall name of artificial intelligence. Perfumers are no exception. So how does AI change our relationship with the creative process? Drawing on an historical analysis of his profession, Jean-Claude Ellena offers a review of these new technologies, often championed by the perfumery industry.

Olfactory Culture

Nuts and cereals: the new tasty treats

Walnuts, hazelnuts, puffed rice and toasted granola are some of the all-new gourmand notes making their way into our bottles. Let’s take a look at their botany and history, as well as the latest releases featuring them, with Mane perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui and independent perfumer Anatole Lebreton.


Grasse, home-away-from-home for dsm-firmenich

Although dsm-firmenich is best known for its expertise in synthetic molecules, the composition house has been present in Grasse since 2007. It has gradually put down roots in the town, culminating in 2020 with the acquisition of Villa Botanica, a nature-rich haven open to perfumers and clients the following year. It is now releasing a book that tells the story of this journey and reveals the four-season symphony at the heart of the world’s perfume capital.

Olfactory Culture

Christmas’ smells

The fresh, resinous scent of the fir tree, a crackling fire and comforting spices… To shine during family dinners, we offer you a dissection of the olfactory atmosphere of Christmas, originally published in Nez, the Olfactory Magazine #12.

Olfactory Culture

Woody ambers: the nasal invaders

You smell them everywhere without knowing it, these mystery compounds. When, how and why did woody ambers invade perfumery? Here is our attempt at an answer for you: some facts, some history, and a healthy dose of subjectivity!

Olfactory Culture

Olfactory dissonance, between discourse and reality

Endless fields of Grasse roses, eco-responsible patchouli and a few drops of the loveliest organic lavender: it appears that mainstream brands fill their bottles exclusively with extracts that are ever more sustainable, ethical and mindful. What if perfumery tried a different approach to talking about its creations?

Olfactory Culture

Reinventing perfumery discourse

Myths, legends, misleading revelations, distorted reality: the perfumery industry has always tended to shroud itself in mystery, fostering a cult of secrecy and sometimes even disseminating lies. Has the time finally come to shift the dial?

Olfactory Culture

Salty notes, sea spray and tastebuds

Often used to conjure up an ocean feel, salty notes are primarily rooted in the sense of taste. An overview of how salt is interpreted in perfumery, as seen through the eyes of Aliénor Massenet (Symrise) and Cécile Matton (Mane).

Perfumery and sustainable development: behind the messaging

Towards a more virtuous synthesis?

From biodegradable molecules and biotechnologies to renewable carbon, the perfume industry is developing new processes to create molecules with reduced environmental footprints to meet the challenges of sustainable development and growing consumer demand for naturalness. But has petrochemical synthesis said its last word?


From natural to synthetic – Jonathan Warr (Takasago)

An ever-growing number of innovations make it possible to obtain synthetic molecules from renewable resources. Explanations, with Jonathan Warr, Vice-President for Research & Development at Takasago.

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