Perfumery and sustainable development: behind the messaging

Givaudan Foundation: A tailored commitment to communities and nature

Never has the issue of safeguarding natural resources and the future of communities seemed so pressing than at present due to climate change. Some companies did not wait to take action in this crucial area. The Givaudan Group has established itself as a pioneer.

Natural perfumers

FiiLiT, a fragrant journey: a fresh new direction

The brand FiiLiT aims to popularize the intangible know-how of fine perfumery and the ecological awakening of our modern society, by educating its consumers through niche olfactory creations with clean and authentic formulations.

Natural perfumers

Givaudan is innovating and extending its #natureconscious palette

Givaudan is launching Blossom Lab™, the first mobile extraction and innovation laboratory for processing natural raw materials directly in the field. These new responsible naturals are taking Givaudan’s palette further along the eco-design path.

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