Givaudan is innovating and extending its #natureconscious palette

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Givaudan is launching Blossom Lab™, the first mobile extraction and innovation laboratory for processing natural raw materials directly in the field. These new responsible naturals are taking Givaudan’s palette further along the eco-design path. Every action along this path is part of the Naturality™ platform, a major holistic change aimed at creating new nature-conscious fragrances that incorporate ecological parameters as well as consumer expectations.

How did the idea for Blossom Lab™ come about?

Givaudan is a pioneer in its approach to sourcing, acquiring its natural raw materials at source.

It became clear that to lock-in these supply chains and, most importantly, ensure their sustainability, it needed to work with local producers directly on-site.

This led to the idea of creating a laboratory for extracting and processing natural raw materials in the form of a small-scale, fully mobile unit that can get as close as possible to the fields.

Fabien Durand, Innovation Director for Naturals at Givaudan, describes it as « putting all our historical expertise, rooted in Grasse, in a container and sending it out into the world of naturals! »

What is the reasoning and purpose behind the creation of a mobile laboratory to work with naturals?

Blossom Lab™ is housed in two containers, which will travel by boat or lorry on innovation missions to countries where perfume plants are grown. As Fabien Durand sees it, « It’s about opening the door to creating new perfumery materials, using fresh plants as the basis and drawing inspiration from nature and its loveliest moments ». An ever-respectful immersion in nature.

For Valérie de La Peschardière, Naturality Director at Givaudan, « Blossom Lab™  is a laboratory equipped to experiment with new ways of processing natural raw materials, and to be fully responsible ». In a nutshell, it is designed « to go to nature, rather than getting nature to come to us ». 

Where will your first expedition be?

« We’re beginning in Grasse! » says Valérie de La Peschardière with a smile. A highly symbolic start, involving testing the equipment and working on new approaches to perfumery’s iconic plants, such as Provence rose and violet leaves, before setting off further afield.

« Our first true destination will be Egypt, where some exciting opportunities await the Blossom Lab™ », explains Fabien Durand. With a partner in Egypt, Givaudan has plenty of access to flower farms as well as a host of aromatic plants.

Simulated images of the open  Blossom Lab™

Nature-conscious innovation at Givaudan impacts its entire palette. 

The Naturality™ programme uses ingredients with a more ecologically friendly profile. What are they?

All the ingredients researched and developed by Givaudan aim to reduce its environmental footprint. The main parameters taken into account are a renewable source, reduced carbon impact throughout the production chain, and a high degree of biodegradability when the ingredients reach the end-of-life stage. 

Givaudan has put in place a series of major innovation programmes:

  • Biotechnologies are used to make very powerful aromatic compounds based on a small quantity of renewable raw materials and processing methods with low carbon impact. This technique is used for star ingredient Ambrofix, a molecule obtained via an enzymatic reaction using sugar cane.
  • Upcycling reuses residues from other industries. One example is peach upcycling, our latest project. Peach purée from the fruit juice industry contains aromatic compounds even after the juice has been extracted. These compounds are extracted using an innovative technique, then the residue is reused for animal feed.
  • Green chemistry and the FiveCarbon PathTM programme are used to optimize synthesis of fragrance molecules based on five virtuous principles. In addition to renewability and biodegradability, the synthesis process is completely restructured to use very little energy and produce minimal waste. Our latest captive ingredient, EbeliaTM, was developed using this approach.

With its focus on innovation and #natureconscious ingredients, Givaudan is transforming and extending its palette as it continues to create outstanding fragrances that reflect the company’s purpose of always acting « with Love for Nature ».

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