Scent, money, and ethics

Several scandals have hit the fragrance industry recently – while the word ethics is repeated over and over by the perfume brands. Maybe one of the keys lay in the fair remuneration of the first links in the chain? What seems obvious is yet far from being the rule. We offer an analysis of this burning issue, published in the last issue of Nez magazine.


Mandala Lab, an interactive installation in London

The Mandala Lab is an interactive installation that invites curiosity about our emotions. Consider how complex feelings show up in your everyday life and imagine how you might have the power to transform them.

Olfactory Culture

Olfactory dissonance, between discourse and reality

Endless fields of Grasse roses, eco-responsible patchouli and a few drops of the loveliest organic lavender: it appears that mainstream brands fill their bottles exclusively with extracts that are ever more sustainable, ethical and mindful. What if perfumery tried a different approach to talking about its creations?

Olfactory Culture

Knowledgeable amateurs: self-taught perfume connoisseurs

There are different paths people can take to explore the sense of smell, which form a broad landscape inhabited by amateurs from different horizons: what options are currently available to these fragrance aficionados so they can nurture their passion?

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