Perfume trends : the notes making a splash today

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Autumn is here: what better time to take stock of perfume releases from the past so we can envision the artistic directions of the future? We have sniffed out and scrutinised today’s in-vogue notes. Our approach, combining botany, history, chemistry and, most importantly, olfactory creations, is interwoven with the comments of the perfumers who worked on the notes and who we interviewed for the report.

Over several weeks, we will be reviewing one ingredient, note or accord. We have chosen them because we feel they represent a current trend in perfume releases, and because an increasing number of press releases mention them. We have placed them in their botanical and/or chemical classifications, put the olfactory compounds that characterise them under a microscope, and traced their historical cultural use. We have listed the more or less recent releases related to them. And, last but not least, we have tried to put together the kaleidoscopic of olfactory interpretations that refer to them, thanks to the perfumers we selected for their work with a specific note, who shared with us the complexities, potential and difficulties the note conceals.

We will be adding to the report with the passing seasons to make sure it always reflects the very latest trends.


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