Perfuming music: Mane and Cercle team up for a series of immersive concerts

Cercle creates experiences and organises festivals and concerts that shine the spotlight on cultural and natural heritage with a fusion of music, aesthetics and showcasing artists and venues. Ugo Charron, Mane perfumer created its olfactory signature: Golden Hour scent will be diffused on 10 July in Geneva for a concert in front of Saint Pierre Cathedral.


Helen Keller and Julia Brace: Aesthetics for the hand and nose

On June 27, we celebrate the birthday of Helen Keller, an American author and activist who lost her sight and hearing at the age of 2. The development of her sense of smell, as well as her perception of the world in general, are analyzed here by scent historian Caro Verbeek. It’s also an opportunity to discuss the lesser-known case of Julia Brace, also deaf and blind.

Olfactory Culture

Cannabis, the transgressive green

The last few years have seen an increasing number of creations inspired by marijuana.
An overview of the olfactory interpretations of the plant, as seen through the eyes of perfumers Olivier Cresp (Firmenich) and Nicolas Beaulieu (IFF).

Perfume trends : the notes making a splash today

Perfume trends : the notes making a splash today

Autumn is here: what better time to take stock of perfume releases from the past so we can envision the artistic directions of the future? We have sniffed out and scrutinised today’s in-vogue notes, adding in the comments of perfumers we interviewed for the report.

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