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Christian Jankowski’s Smell Maneuvre in Lübeck

April 11 : 11h00 July 28 : 17h00

Artist Christian Jankowski’s work ‘Smell Maneuver’, created in the context of Quizá Mañana, the 16th Bienal de Cuenca in Ecuador, marks an intersection of art, scent, and social commentary. Departing from conventional artistic mediums, Jankowski ventures into the realm of perfume, orchestrating a sensory experience. Working closely with perfume expert Gustavo Moscoso, Jankowski crafted 18 distinct scents, each bearing titles – such as Conspiracy theory, Corruption, and Justice – serving as poignant reminders of the complex issues shaping our world today.

All 18 bottles are presented in the installation along with a performance captured on video for which Jankowski collaborated with the Cuenca Citizen’s Guards who were tasked with recalling and identifying these scents, transforming their roles from enforcers of order to participants in a sensory experience. Clad in assigned perfumes, teams engage in an olfactory exploration within ‘the zone’, navigating through dilapidated Andean structures.

In a symbolic gesture, encounters between opposing teams eschew violence in favor of scent-based interaction. As guards converge, they engage in a procedure of scent recognition, exchanging guesses and memories in place of combat. Here, the power of scent becomes a catalyst for dialogue and understanding amidst societal tensions.

Complementing the performance is a photo campaign featuring participants adorned with their assigned perfumes and corresponding slogans. These portraits, curated by Jankowski himself, offer a glimpse into the intersection of communication, identity, and sensory performance.

Smell Maneuvre will be shown in Europe for the first time between April 11th and July 28th in “Hello Lübeck” curated by Noura Durani at Kunsthalle St. Annen in Lübeck (Germany), alongside an extension of Jankowski’s project Geknetete Stadt.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entrance Fees:
Adults: €8
Children and teenagers up to 18: €2.50
Children under 6: Free

Images by Felipe Serrano | Courtesy Fundación Municipal Bienal de Cuenca and Christian Jankowski.

St.-Annen-Straße 15
Lübeck, 23552 Allemagne
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