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Tamara Repetto’s Sense Circuits in Milan

May 14 : 10h00 July 20 : 19h00

The Gaggenau showroom on Corso Magenta in Milan re-opens completely renovated, hosting the exhibition “Sense Circuits” by Tamara Repetto, the artist who uses smell and fragrance to narrate the invisible infinity of which we are made. Her multisensory and immersive art becomes a tool to explore and bring out our deepest and most irrational interiority, the essence of what we are made of, bringing us closer to the other, despite its infinite diversity. In front of her installations, a sensory short circuit takes shape, where one gets lost to find oneself different and enriched.
It all starts with the questioning of the rational gnoseological approach: a bar of soap and the earth, therefore, do not have a scent, as in the case of the Perfumed Tableaux and Melancholia, while the olfactory experience is triggered by approaching metal, glass, and the roots of Arboris, Meccano, and the Daimon. From this disruption of balance arises a new “sense circuit” in which the meaning and signifier of the work are recombined in infinite possibilities. After all, the artist does not describe herself as a prophet who enlightens the world. The complexity of reality is such that the essence is not to be sought in a form created by the artist, but in the invisibility that such a form helps us perceive and fleetingly grasp.

Opening Hours: 
Monday–Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Corso Magenta, 2
Milano, 20123 Italie
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