Nez x GDR O3

Nez x GDR O3 – From olfaction to insulin production

Did you know that the brain and pancreas communicate via the olfactory system? This study from Hirac Gurden, member of the GDR O3, and its team, could open up prospects for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans.


Scents with superpowers

In this age of personal development and the pursuit of equilibrium, it’s no longer enough to simply smell good – you also have to feel good. On the occasion of the World Mental Health Day, we offer you an article originally published in Nez magazine about the influence of odors on our mood.

Olfactory Culture

Back to school for the sense of smell

Although olfactory education is absent from the official school curriculum in France, a number of initiatives demonstrate the benefits it can offer to children.

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