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Quintis Reimagined

Quintis Reimagined

Quintis Santal - Concours Parfumeurs

A global competition around Indian sandalwood by Quintis

Quintis Sandalwood together with the American Society of Perfumers has launched a competition, inviting perfumers from across the world to create a fragrance that heroes sustainably-grown Indian sandalwood.

Quintis’ Sandalwood Reimagined competition: And the winners are…

The American Society of Perfumers and Quintis Sandalwood, a company that specializes in the sustainable production of Australian and Indian sandalwood varieties, sponsored a competition at the end of 2021. The two winners were announced at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami at the beginning of July. Interview.

Quintis Sandalwood competition finalists, Global Winner category

The 10 finalists for Quintis’ Sandalwood Reimagined competition were recently unveiled, with the two winners to be announced at WPC in Miami in early July. Who were the five senior perfumers chosen, and what inspired them? Here are their profiles.

Sandalwood - Quintis

The long-term sandalwood, by Quintis

Today, Australia has overtaken India as the largest producer of sandalwood, where the sacred tree originated. As the world’s leading sandalwood exporter, Quintis has built a long-term development strategy to ensure both consistent yields and prices.

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