Franco Wright (Lucky Scent) : “I tend to wear what’s in front of me at that moment; sometimes it can be as many as 5 different fragrances”

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This interview continues our world tour of the niche perfumeries that honored us by becoming retailers of our magazine. For our third stop, we invite you to a Californian trip, to Los Angeles, to discover Lucky Scent with Franco Wright.

How did you get into the world of perfume?

It was a bit of an accident— both Adam (by business partner) and I had started a design agency back in 1999— mostly doing web design and advertising. So this idea came about doing an luxury site “on the side” and since we were building sites for so many clients— why not try our hand at e-commerce? Initially I suggested a site focusing solely on handbags, shoes and perfumes… Adam brought me down to reality and we settled on fragrances… and interestingly enough one of the inspirations was a CDG eau de cologne that we couldn’t find online…. so it went on from there. Our very first customer was our Fedex delivery driver!

According to you, what are the specificities of your shop?

Our goal was to create a fragrance boutique both thrilling and inviting; a place you’d want to hang out and explore perfumes and enjoy conversation in turn we’ve created a really fun community in a setting free from pushy sales tactics.

How do you choose the brands that you sell in your shop?

That’s always a hard question, there is no easy answer! Every brand we choose usually has to meet a multitude of criteria before we bring it in. Each year the market is getting more saturated, so the curation process is becoming much more challenging.

Have you had any crushes this year?

Bogue’s MEM is spectacular.Naomi Goodsir’s Nuit de Bakélite is a groundbreaking take on tuberose. And I have a soft heart for all things comme des garçons, so having their re-releases back in stock is a real joy

What perfume do you wear today?

Being around fragrance all day long… smelling and testing dozens of submissions, I tend to wear what’s in front of me at that moment; sometimes it can be as many as 5 different fragrances. But at night and on weekends… I need a break and that’s where Molecule 01 works its charm.

What made you choose to sell “Nez” in your shop?

First, the magazine is beautifully designed…. the illustrations, typefaces… that’s what drew me in; but the content turned out to be the real treat; so I say bravo to the Nez team for incredible work!

How do your customers react to it?

We’ve quickly sold out of our first order – without formally announcing Nez. So I’d say… it’s going GREAT!

Franco Wright and Adam Eastwood, founders of Lucky Scent


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