Nez x GDR O3

Nez x GDR O3 – The great variety of animal noses

We humans are not the only ones to have an olfactory culture: this sense is essential for many other living creatures! Let’s talk about animal noses with Gérard Brand, a member of the GDR O3.


Nez x GDR O3 – Cracking the combinatorial odour code

Let’s take a geek’s journey to the heart of olfactory receptors, sources of unexpected hope, with Jérémie Topin, Assistant professor at Université Côte d’Azur, and Matej Hladis, PhD student, both members of GDR 03.


Science of Wellness: emotions in a bottle

Composition house IFF launches its Science of Wellness platform: a tool for understanding the emotions linked to olfactory stimuli based on 40 years of consumer research and development, and designed to boost creativity.

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