Vanilla, by Mane

On the occasion of the International Exhibition of Raw Materials
for Perfumery (SIMPPAR) which will take place in Paris, we
invite you to discover a series of articles originally published in the book From Plant to Essence – A World Tour of Fragrant Raw Materials.
Let’s find out more about the Malagasy vanilla bean grown by Floribis, with whom Mane has established a partnership since 2000.

Perfumery and sustainable development: behind the messaging

Scents in circulation: perfume life cycles

Behind the eco-responsibility claims highlighted by the perfume industry, production continues at a dizzying pace, raising the question of stock management: are stocks being optimised and overhauled now that the climate emergency is a reality? Once bottles are in use, can they have a second life?

Perfumery and sustainable development: behind the messaging

Is sustainable perfumery possible?

As the perfumery industry enthusiastically embraces sustainable development, Nez has prepared a comprehensive report different practices and possible approaches to make perfume more compatible with a better future.

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